luxury rentals in the florida keys

Part of the appeal of florida keys real estate is the tropical climate. This area is the only place in Florida that does not receive any frost.

Investment Opportunities in the Florida Keys

The islands that make up the Florida Keys are like none on Earth. The vibrant colors of the birds and plants, the exquisite views from luxury properties, and the variety of activities available attract tourists, businesses, and people with the desire to live in a relaxing and beautiful place with a warm climate. There are also several investment opportunities from charter boat businesses to restaurants to owning luxury rentals in the florida keys. Commercial properties are also offered for new ventures, attractions, or gulf courses.

Popular Draws

Big game sports fishing is concerned by many experts to be the best around the waters of the Keys. The wide selection of catches depends on the time of year and the positioning of each island. Islamora is an island that offers access to the Everglades and the ocean. Snapper, grouper, mahi mahi, and tarpon are found in this area. Key West is at the end of the chain of islands where marlin, tuna, king mackerel, and swordfish are plentiful.


Marine life conservation and education is promoted on practically every island. There is a diving museum, a turtle, hospital, and snorkeling along the only coral reef found in North America. Unique artist communities also bring people to the area. One-of-a-kind items from local artists make excellent and memorable souvenirs and gifts.

Explore Options

Investors from away will want to research agencies that handle the buying and selling of florida keys real estate. An experienced boutique agency, for example, will provide unique properties, have extensive knowledge of each populated island, and can offer recommendations based on current market trends. Listings will include both commercial and residential properties. A large commercial agency will have listings for businesses but will not include any for homes or condominiums that can provide high returns in the initial investment. The top residential real estate agency can help with one aspect but not the commercial possibilities.

There are seven islands that captivate the attention of tourists and investors alike. Key West, Key Largo, Big Pine, Islamora, Marathon, Key Colony, and Summerland Key are teaming with investment opportunities that will appeal to any preferences or interests. Take advantage of the wide variety of options available in this island paradise that is different than any other chain of islands.